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About Us


Blake Moseley has been in the podcast game since 2018 with the Not Religious Podcast and even longer in the field of music. He started playing drums at the age of 10 and has spent most of his life digging into the details of some of his favorite artists and albums. Blake currently plays drums for Christ Community Church in Sumter, SC.


James Cox is an individual living with cerebral palsy. He has a podcast called “When Words Fail…Music Speaks” in which he discusses how Music can help with depression. James has lived with cerebral palsy all of his life, and now he wants to help people understand that living with a disability does not define who he is.

James’ dad is a retired colonel in the Air Force, so he lived in many different places such as the Philippines and bases in the southeast USA meeting many interesting people and gaining life experience. James has worked several different jobs over the years that allowed him the opportunity to meet new people and gain different outlooks on life. Places such as Central Carolina Tech College, The Sumter Library, Dave and Buster’s, and Outback Steakhouse.

James has been living on his own for seven years now. Moving out of Sumter SC, he has been living up to his life long goal to live on his own and thrive despite his disability.  He now lives in Columbia SC and has a part time job that he loves in addition to his podcast.


Amanda is a mom of two amazing teenagers who are often embarrassed by her singing and her over-sharing of her personal mental health journey and passion for changing how the world views mental health and wellness. 


Through her own mental health struggles and triumphs, she discovered a profound passion for supporting others in their mental health journey.

This led her to work in the mental health field after earning a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman's University. 

She is currently a trauma-informed mental health coach helping individuals empower themselves to prioritize their own mental well-being.

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