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What is Music?

Updated: Jan 7

What is music?

It might seem silly to ask what music is. Yet, the definition we know vs what

it really is can be different. Wikipedia defines music as “the art of arranging

sound to create some combination of form,harmony,melody,rhythm or

otherwise expressive content.“

This is a basic definition, however I believe there is a deeper explanation.

Music is more than just a form of art. It is instilled in us before we are even

born. Think of your heartbeat as the original metronome. It keeps a beat,

and no matter how fast or slow it stays in constant synchronization. It’s

never off beat.

It is said that the eyes are the windows into a person’s soul. I disagree. To

me it is music. You can gain a lot of perspective based upon the type of

music someone listens to or creates. Music comes in many styles yet the

connection to music remains constant.

Music allows us to express or connect with all of our emotions. That’s why

it is the single form of art or expression that everyone can understand and

enjoy. Music expresses anger, fear, sadness, joy, conflict, frustration, love,

anxiety, and the list goes on. We often do not listen to just one style of

music as there are different styles that allow us to work through what we

are feeling. Music also allows us to escape from the world by listening to

songs that create a fantasy type picture. It also has been a form of keeping

traditions alive in some cultures and even tells stories of generations past.

Music comes in so many variations that it would be impossible for us not to

find at least one that interests us. Each style has a story to tell. In essence

music would be the only tool needed if someone wanted to describe our


When you have heard them a thousand times, words are just words. But

music drives into our souls like an oil drill. It stirs up things we may have

never known existed or had the confidence to find. That is why when

words fail, music speaks.

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