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Album Review - Night Demon "Outsider"

Updated: Mar 24

Album review

Band: Night demon

Album: Outsider

In just 2 days California metallers Night demon will unleash their new album "Outsider". Since 2010 there has been a revival of the traditional metal style by newer bands, and it brings a smile to this old man's face. It seems these days every new band is trying to reinvent the wheel. But bands like Night Demon are bucking that trend with good ol meat and potatoes metal.

Its clear that Night demon has influence from the past. They understand the formula without copying it. "Outsider" continues this strategy I'm fine form. Sick riffs, outstanding vocals, simple but effective solos and a tight rhythm section make "Outsider" an early top 10 album for 2023. While most bands try to set themselves apart by being progressive, Night Demon offers a ferocious assault that is their own without the bells and whistles.

I hope they come to my town so this old man can enjoy the assault in person.

Rating 9/10

NightDemon Are:

Jarvis Leatherby - Vocals / Bass

Dusty Squires - Drums

Armand John Anthony - Guitars

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