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Album Review - Disturbed "Divisive"

Album review

Band: Disturbed

Album: Divisive

Very rarely does a big name band or artist release an album without anybody mentioning it,

good or bad. But with Disturbed's latest release this was the case. I knew there was a new album coming out but didn't realize it's been out for 2 months! I only realized it when I saw a copy at a local record store.

To be very clear I love Disturbed, I have since they debuted with "the sickness" in 2000. We always hear a band/artist say the new release is "the best we've ever done"! But rarely is it the case. With &"divisive", Disturbed has in fact done so.

This album is everything a Disturbed fan loves and nothing it doesn't. They captured the

intensity of the debut and the melody of "Ten Thousand Fists". They didn't retread the past they put on a brand new tire. All killer and no filler! Dave manages to get even deeper with the lyrics. Plus there's a twist; a duet with Ann Williams of Heart. Their voices on the track "Don't Tell Me"compliment each other so well. In my opinion it already rivals the duet done by Ozzy Osborne and Lita Ford.

From start to finish "divisive" is anything but. It hits hard and I kept waiting for the middle of the road song. It wasn't there. If there was any question as to their ability to bring something fresh to their sound, it was put to rest.

Rating: 10/10

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