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Album Review - Distant “Heritage”

Album review

Band: Distant

Album: Heritage



This is my first time listening to Distant. Therefore all I had to go on was, the genre(deathcore) and where they are from.


I had no preconceived expectations for this release.  Truth be told I'm not a huge fab of deathcore in general but will listen to it from time to time.  While listening to "Heritage " I thought of something I am planning to put in a different article.  Heavy metal has been around for over 50 years. In that time there have been probably 100 sub-genres that have been born. I honestly thought the genre had reached its full potential in 2023. And yet Distant proved me wrong with "Heritage ".


They seem to have created "atmospheric deathcore". Never-mind the obvious difference with the lyrical theme. The music itself grabs you in a different way than the majority of their peers. The atmospheric element is there but not in your face, distracting from the other instruments.  Everything flows together instead of having a section for each element; a lot of bands fail at this because the more vibrant less traditional elements are pushed harder to where you almost forget they are a metal band.


But not in this case. Distant has separated themselves with this release. No doubt they are now the new benchmark in deathcore.


Rated 8/10

Distant line-up:

Alan Grnja - vocals

Elmer Maurits - bass guitar

Nouri Yetgin - lead guitar

Vladimir Golic - rhythm guitar

Jan Mato - drums

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